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1. Sign up for a free license Fill out the form above and receive a license in minutes.
2. Download Opossum Download the latest version of Opossum directly from food4rhino.

How to install a grasshopper plugin?
3. Login and optimize! That's it! After successfully login in you can now use Opossum for your projects. If you're not sure how, watch our tutorials.

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Let one of the developers explain how Opossum works in this quick video tutorial

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Let one of the developers explain how Opossum works in this quick video tutorial


Opossum is developed by the ICD/CA Optimization Team. This development is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany's Excellence Strategy - EXC 2120/1–3908311618 via the Cluster of Excellence Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture (IntCDC).
Older versions of Opossum have been developed with support from

Thomas Wortmann

Tenure-Track-Prof. Dr.

Max Zorn


Zuardin Akbar

M. Arch., B. Eng

Anni Dai

M. Arch., B. Arch


This is a quick overview of questions regarding the installation, license and usage of Opossum. We have also collected many common questions in a more in depth-FAQ.
Will my license expire?
Your license does not expire.
Does Opossum work on mac?
Unfortunately our optimization plugin is only available for Windows.
Which Rhino versions are supported?
The latest version of Opossum supports Rhino7 & 8.
I didn't receive an email after signing up.
Before you proceed, please check your spamfolder. If you still can not find it, simply reload your browser and try to sign up again. As your key is also displayed on the page after submitting your details, you should be able to use Opossum despite not getting an email. Should there be a persistent problem with the signup process please contact our support.
I lost my license key or changed my email.
No problem! Just fill out the form with your (new) details. Be aware that if you use your old email again, you will get the same license key as before, but with a new email also comes a new key.

Read the original paper on Opossum and its algorithm here.